Standard Handgun Sight Tool


Our standard sight tool is designed to remove/install and adjust most handgun sights. The tool comes with a flat-sided block set and a radiused shim (a small block with a threaded hole). Optional block sets are available separately. The frame is 3″x3″x1/4″ thick steel. The pusher bolt is grade  5 and the pusher blade is hardened steel. Made in America and built to last. “Patent #8,707,609”

 Buy 3 or more Block Sets and get 10% off each Block Set purchased. 

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The Standard Handgun Sight Tool works on flat sided slides, Glock’s, 1911’s, Kahr’s, XDS, S&W’s etc…

  • Flat Step Blocks are included with the Standard Sight Tool.
  • Optional Block sets are sold in pairs.

Scroll down for Block Application Chart and Gallery of Examples sight tool examples

Standard Block Sets


  1. blackhawkbob45

    Sight Tool gets a big thumbs up from me. Removed an incredibly tight CZ sight that just about no one makes sight shoes for. No muss, no fuss. Thanks for a great tool that can be used to remove or install sights on many, many different pistols.

  2. muskyhunter53

    Just used this tool to install sights on an XDM. I had purchased another tool that couldn’t,t do the job and decided to try this one. Plain and simple it worked great! Very glad Indecided to purchase it! THIS TOOL IS GREAT AND I RECOMMEND IT TO EVERYBODY!

  3. pduechle

    Sig P320SC.

    Purchased this through another online retailer. The product arrived in a simple box with simple instructions. I do not recall if the nut size for the sight blade is noted in the instructions. If it is not it should be. You do not need a ratcheting wrench for this product. Box wrenches work just fine.

    Positives – Small, Tough, American Made, Ease of Use, Speed, Adaptability, Cost.
    Cons – No easy way to clamp to a vice for a range day; Bare AL can mar surface.

    Easy fixes – could dip the clamps into rubber and allow to dry. Could do the same with the sight blade. I am going to glue or COMMAND felt to the clamp sides and just use cardboard for the blade.

    Good purchase. I look forward to a lifetime of use.

  4. hooper

    Great tool. Just used this to remove sights from a Hi Power Mark III and an XD-40 Tactical. Even the XD sights came out just fine, tight though they are. Using the vise method shown in the video was essential – as shown, just clamp the bottom portion of the tool itself into the jaws, resting the protruding part of the slide squarely on top of the jaws – works perfectly to lock everything down – and the XD sights would never have come out without it. Blue masking tape on the slide contact surfaces worked well to protect the finish in lieu of the business card method. Sights came off with no harm or dings to anything. Glad I found this tool for about a tenth the price of the other good one.

  5. devinbrian

    I tried removing the sights on my Springfield XDS .45 with a brass punch and hammer and now all I have is a bent punch. However, with this pusher, I had the sights changed out in around 15 minutes. It also looks like it’ll fit several of my other pistols as well. Great tool.

  6. Slick De Selms

    Awesome Tool!! be Patient when using. Works Great USA ! Thanks Fisher :^) Sight Pusher

  7. Juan C.

    I just received this tool and all I have to say is WoW!
    Works as, if not better, than advertised. After having messed with an M&P Shield sights using a hammer and chisel (not really but close), using this tool made me feel like a professional gunsmith. Highly recommended product.



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