Standard Sight Tool Instructions

Standard Sight Tool Instructions:

When it comes to installing sights, it may take some fitting, read up on fitting sights!

  1. Wrap the slide with chamois cloth (recommended) to protect the slide, or use a material that will not let the slide twist in the tool. A piece of chamois between the pusher and sight will prevent sight marring. 
  2. Place the slide between clamp blocks aligning sight blade with the sight, if needed use washers / shims under the slide to raise it and align the “blade” with the base of the sight. Holes on each side of the tool are for viewing alignment.
    Tip: You can also put the slide into the tool and then put the tool in a vise resting the slide on the vise instead of shimming.
  3. Tighten clamp bolt firmly (by hand) to secure slide then tighten jam nut “on clamping rod” against frame to increase rigidity.
  4. Use a 3/4″ wrench to turn the adjusting bolt counter clockwise, this will move the sight blade / sight. DO NOT TURN THE NUT!

Front Sights: To achieve proper clearance for front sights remove the bottom block if needed and follow steps 1-4.

 A small radius Ed shim is included to support the clamping block if the bottom block is removed. The screw from the bottom block is used to secure the small shim under the clamping block. 



Standard sight tool instructions