X2 Sight Tool Instructions Tenon Sight

Staking a tenon sight.

  1. Remove the sight pusher block and staking lever and lever pivot bolt.
  2. Place the slide in the tool with the tenon slot in line with the sight stop bolts on the top of the tool. The slide should be up against the vinyl tubing on the upper clamping bolts. (clamping bolt insulators)
  3. Install the pivot lever and lever bolt with the vinyl tubing spacers on each side of the staking lever.
  4. Tighten the side plate bolts evenly to secure the slide in the tool, make sure the side plates are parallel.
    (even distance between the plates at top and bottom).
  5. Insert the sight in the tenon slot.
  6. Place the delrin piece between the sight and the sight stop bolt and turn the bolt by hand until contact with the sight is made. Be sure it fits snug to keep the sight from moving upward when staking the sight. Do not torque on the bolt, tighten the bolt firmly by hand.
  7. Check lever alignment to insure it will make contact with the tenon. Adjustments can be made by moving the setscrews on the staking lever. Loosen the jam nuts and turn the set screws opposite the direction you want the lever to move. The staking pin can be used parallel with the tenon. Move the pin direction by loosening the set screw with the allen wrench provided.
  8. Seat the lever on the staking bolt, an indentation is located on the bottom of the staking lever. Turn the staking bolt until the staking pin makes contact with the tenon. Once you have checked alignment of the staking pin with the tenon turn the staking bolt until the sight is staked. Do no overtighten the staking bolt
  9. Once staked if the sight is loose (wiggle side to side), you can stake the sight further.
  10. Remove in excess material from the tenon inside the slide with a rotary tool or file to insure barrel bushing will fit.

X2 Diagram