XL Sight Tool Instructions

When it comes to installing sights, it will likely take some fitting. Read up on fitting sights!

  1. Install clamping blocks in the tool that fit the slide contour/profile best. Determine by holding the clamping blocks up to the slide.
  2. Wrap slide with cleaning patch, chamois etc. to protect the slide, use a material that will not let the slide twist in the tool
  3. Place the slide in the tool to check slide height. Install the shim block that will raise the slide high enough for the pusher blade to be aligned with the bottom of the sight.
    Note: The shim blocks can fit tight, at time it may be necessary to loosen the stationary (smaller shim block) screw to allow for the larger removable shim block to be installed.
  4. Place the slide in the tool and tighten clamp bolt firmly (by hand) to secure the slide then tighten jam nut “on clamping rod” against frame to increase rigidity.
  5. Use a 3/4″ wrench to turn the adjusting bolt, this will move the sight blade and sight. DO NOT TURN THE NUT!

XL sight tool instructions